VIBRATIONAL MATING DISRUPTION for grape leafhoppers control


In collaboration with:

  • Pecchenino wine grower (Dogliani CN, Italy)
  • Edmund Mach Foundation (San Michele all’Adige TN, Italy)
  • BIOGARD test center (Cesena, Italy)
  • TURCKHEIM various wine growers (Alsace, France)


Tests performed and achieved results 

We completed trials first step started in 2017 to develop mating disruption system based on vibration, to control lefhoppers in vineyeard.


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See the Tremos results 2020 👉🏼 Tremos results
Tremos Trials 2021

Based on the excellent results obtained, in 2021 we will expand the installation areas and we will start trials with the 3rd generation Tremos vibrational system. We will update you during the season... Stay tuned!

Tremos7 Tremos8 Tremos9